Pie & Whiskey in Boise

Pie and Whiskey comes to the Idaho History Museum in Boise as part of Storyfort which is part of Treefort, a bitchin’ music festival

On March 27, 2020, at 5:00, we’ll be in Idaho, home of potatoes and Basques, Ezra Pound and Patty Duke, James Jesus Angleton and Nikki Sixx. There will be pie, there will be whiskey, and because this is a music festival, there will be special appearances by Stephen Malkmus and Doug Martsh, Chuck D and Bob Weir, Kim Deal, Kim Gordon, and Lil’ Kim, along with heartbreaking readings by:

  • Amy Burton
  • CMarie Fuhrman
  • Alan Heathock
  • Melissa Huggins
  • K Lange
  • Kate Lebo
  • Sam Ligon
  • Christian Winn
  • Dave Yasuda


Thanks to Don Poffenroth and Dry Fly Distillery for sponsoring Pie & Whiskey readings.